Moodle Moot Ireland 2013

And so I ventured out into the cold night again, to meet my fellow educationalists, geeks, hackers, programmers and online learning specialists at the Moodle Moot. This year held in a non-descript Airport hotel somewhere outside Dublin, it gathered an impressive crowd and as usual featured a wild mix of talks and workshops.

In my role as the medical director of e-learning for the RCGP, I have an interest in both the delivery and the content of our offerings, so it was important to hear from our fellow Moodle providers how they tackled technical, organisational and educational challenges. Nevertheless, the organisers made the same mistake as in previous Moots and did not group talks into streams of similar content but mix sessions so people had to get up between talks and hop from room to room to find the presenters that would deliver something that they would understand (I for once have no idea about the coding and hardware side of things, but am more interested in content, feedback and educational approaches).

Apart from that little dollop of criticism it was highly informative to learn how other educational institutions use Moodle to teach both online and face to face, and how students respond to it.

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland have an interesting model of delivering post-graduate and undergraduate courses via Moodle  to 4 different international partner colleges. A huge challenge in terms of content creation (apparently they do not adapt their content for the international partner colleges) for the educators who have to create content that spans cultures and different legal structures. Tricky.

It’s quite impressive how a conference dedicated to a Open Source content management system can bring together so may strands of educational life.

A good Moot.

2 thoughts on “Moodle Moot Ireland 2013”

  1. Otago School of Medicine uses Moodle for all years of its teaching at all 3 of its clinical schools – great tool.

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