All trials. All the time.

Today I signed the ‘All Trials‘ petition. This initiative by some very sensible people and organisations (e.g. Sense About Science, Bad Science, BMJ,James Lind Initiative, the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine) is pressing for the need to register and report all trials, as thousands haven not been reported or registered. For me as a GP this is significant, as I want to know whether the medication I ask my patients to take actually have the reported benefit. Without knowing all the data on a pharmaceutical component I might prescribe something that in a non-reported trial could have done harm (or not work at all). From a marketing perspective it makes of course perfect sense to only publish trials in which a drug showed some benefit, but denying doctors and patients the full extend of a drugs’ effects is surely unethical, hence this very important initiative.

So, pop over there now and sign.


You know you want to.